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48G Premium HDMI A-A AOC

Product model: EMT201610181819


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◆ High Speed Fiber Optics, Ultra HD (8K), Deep Color (48-bit)
Supports 3D Displays
◆ Bandwidth : 48Gbps Max. up to 56Gbps
◆ Extend HDMI Up to 200m over Fiber Optics(MMF)
◆ Cable OD: 4.8mm
◆ Compliant to link with all HDMI A-type Connector devices
◆ Support 8k/4k/3D/1080p/1080i/720p Format
◆ Support HDCP/EDID/CEC/DDC/Audio
◆ Support Dynamic HDR
◆ Highly resistant with EMI and RFI
◆ CE\FCC\CPR\ATC Certification
◆ Support HDMI Resolution up to 8K@60Hz, 4K@120Hz

AOC Series
Bandwidth 48Gbps
Support 8k
Max Length 200m
Cable OD 4.8mm
Output HDMI