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HDMI Extender by one Fiber

Product model:EMT- CEHEF2000


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HDMI Extender by one Fiber is based on optical transmission technology. It can transmit HD video and digital audio

up to 65000 ft(20 kilometers) away from your HDMI or DVI-D source by using one single-mode optical fiber cable.

It is a complete solution for extraordinary distance.



M-JPEG encode/decode video is up to 1080p.

Support resolution up to 480p@60MHz  /576p@50MHz/720p/1080p@50/60MHz.

Support 1.65Gbps/165MHz per channel(4.95Gbps all channel)bandwidth.

Support 2CH LPCM.

Up to 65000 feet extension distance.

Use widely available one single-mode SC fiber-optic cable.

HDCP compliant.

Immune to electromagnetic interference.


HDMI Extender
Support M-JPEG encode/decode video up to 1080p
Support resolution up to 480p@60MHz /576p@50MHz/720p/1080p@50/60MHz
Support 1.65Gbps/165MHz per channel(4.95Gbps all channel)bandwidth
Support HDCP compliant