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HDMI Audio Extractor /Pigtail

Product model: EMT-CEFHAE0101D

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This product is an HDMI audio extractor with resolution up to 4Kx2K@30Hz. It not only supports to connect DVD to HDTV, but also supports to connect amplifier receiver via its Toslink port, letting you enjoy high definition video and meanwhile enjoy high-quality audio. This audio extractor extracts 5.1 audio from the source and transmit it to the amplifier with Toslink cable, forming a perfect home theatre. Besides, when connecting the headphone output, the audio output will automatically switch to be 2.0 audio.


Follows HDMI resolution up to 4Kx2K@30HZ

Supports 300MHz/3Gbps per channel (9Gbps all channels) bandwidth

Supports video resolutions up to 8-bit 4K (30 Hz), 12-bit 1080p (60 Hz) or 12-bit 720p/1080i (60 HZ)

Supports 3D formats up to 300 MHz

Compliant with HDCP specification

Supports uncompressed audio

Supports compressed audio

Powered from Micro USB