Magsafe wireless charger

How MagSafe Magnetic Charging Works?

As can be seen from the perspective of iPhone12, MagSafe magnetic charging system component structure, unique winding coil to withstand greater receiving power, capture magnetic flux through the nanocrystalline panel, and adopt an improved shielding layer to more safely receive wireless fast Recharge. A dense array of magnets is integrated on the periphery of the wireless receiving coil to realize automatic alignment and adsorption with other magnetic accessories, thereby improving wireless receiving efficiency. Equipped with a high-sensitivity magnetometer, it reacts immediately to changes in the induced magnetic field strength, allowing iPhone12 to quickly identify magnetic accessories and prepare for wireless charging.

How much power is MagSafe magnetic charging?

After the iPhone 8 is equipped with 7.5W wireless charging, the wireless charging power of all previous iPhones has stopped at 7.5W. MagSafe magnetic charging technology doubles the wireless charging performance, with a maximum power of 15W. In addition to MagSafe magnetic charging, the entire iPhone12 series still supports Qi wireless charging with a wide range of versatility, with a maximum power of 7.5W. Users who need a faster charging speed can use the original MagSafe magnetic charger, and the Qi wireless charger that is widely circulated on the market can continue to be used.


How to use MagSafe magnetic charging?

Compared with traditional chargers, MagSafe magnetic chargers are quite different in use. In terms of appearance, MagSafe magnetic chargers are a bit like APPLE WATCH magnetic chargers. The metal shell is flat and round and comes with a power supply cord. Cable, small and light.

When the iPhone 12 is placed, the MagSafe magnetic charger directly bounces up due to the strong magnetic force and makes a “tower” sound, automatically aligns with the magnetic ring on the phone and is firmly adsorbed, and the transmitting coil and receiving coil reach the millimeter level that cannot be achieved by human hands. Alignment accuracy to achieve high-efficiency and high-power charging.


Because of the magnetic attraction, after the iPhone 12 is fully charged on the MagSafe magnetic charger, it cannot pick up the phone and leave at will like the previous wireless charging. It needs to be separated by hand to remove the MagSafe magnetic charger. This operation is the same as APPLE The magnetic charger of WATCH is the same.

MagSafe magnetic charging advantages?

Compared with wired charging, the wireless charging system is easier to use, but the process of transmitting energy through the air is very dependent on the precise alignment of the transmitting coil and the receiving coil. Apple has applied magnetic attraction technology to wireless charging to completely solve the problem of wireless charging. It is difficult to align with the age-old problem. There is no possibility of distortion to optimize the wireless charging efficiency, and it is feasible to increase the wireless charging power. Let the wireless charging power of this generation of iPhone12 double from 7.5W to 15W, which greatly improves the speed of wireless charging and reduces users waiting time.