EU passed unified phone interface, USB-C interface iPhone coming?


EU passed unified phone interface, USB-C interface iPhone coming?

The latest news: The EU legislature passed a resolution of 582 votes of support to 40 votes deny, which aims to promote the European Commission to take action to unify the charging solution for smartphones with a USB-C interface.

Immediately after the announcement of the EU statement, Apple objected publicly and stated that the EU’s move would undermine innovation and also a waste of the lightning cable, since there are almost one billion devices on the market currently use the lightning interface, Apple can earn high profits from the certified accessories, manufacturers must obtain a MFi license to produce Apple accessories, while parts manufacturers that have not obtained Apple certification will be restricted by certified chips. Third-party accessory manufacturers must join the Apple MFi project, sign an agreement, and pay the MFi license fee, so Apple obtained a high profit share (20% ~ 25%) every year. Although Apple has changed the Lightning interface to the USB-C interface on the latest iPad Pro, the iPhone still uses the Lightning interface. This move by the European Union may affect iPhone sales in Europe.

At present, the mainstream mobile phone brands in Europe and the United States are mainly Apple, Samsung, Nokia, Huawei, MOTO, LG, HTC, BlackBerry and other 15 brands. Except for Apple, other brands have switched and adopted the USB-C interface uniformly. The reason that most manufacturers willing to switch to the USB-C interface is because of its many advantages. One is that it solves the problem of both positive and negative plugs. On the other hand, the USB-C interface can achieve faster charging and fast transmission, it can provide a higher current charging of up to 100W, achieving the fastest transmission speed of 10Gbits / s, besides providing audio transmission. In addition, it has a lower degree of damage to the resolution. Then USB C interface has strong scalability, not only preserve charging and data transmission functions, but also support audio and video transmission functions USB-C interface able to transmit audio and video signals to a variety of audio and video output interfaces, including HDMI, DVI, VGA interfaces. Moreover it can achieve the expansion of 4K resolution, which enable USB-C a wide range of applications, such as PC / tablets, TVs, wearables, automotive, home and other fields.

These advantages shall not be ignored by Apple. After all, when using the iPhone to charge or transfer data, the more universal USB data cable cannot be replaced. As a result, users of both iPhones and Android phones have to carry two different cables when they go out. Obviously, the USB-C port represents future of mobile phone, and Apple’s founder also said”USB-C will be the future of mobile phones”, the USB-C specification drafting company also includes Apple. At present, the giants of the USB Association, standards development, interface chips, and consumer terminals are promoting the popularization of USB-C. The process of smartphone manufacturers’ pursuit of sales has a profound impact on the environment and ecology. Obviously, the EU is also asking Apple to undertake social responsibility plays a certain exemplary role. Business decisions need to consider environmental ecology and not just their own profits to a certain extent. It is not wrong for businesses to pursue profit maximization, but how to avoid social benefits and reduce pollution also need to be considered. Unified charging interface will not only help consumers reducing the cost of repeated purchase of charger accessories, but also help avoiding the environmental damage caused by abandoned chargers.


In the future, the unified interface should be the general trend, and USB-C has the greatest possibility to become a unified interface. Apple has started using the USB-C interface on the 2018 iPad Pro and the family of products MacBook. Will the iPhone use the USB-C interface in the future?

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