Chinese speed–the Vulcan Mountain Hospital

God made the universe in 7 days. I think God was Chinese


In a “battle” racing against viruses, a hospital with a capacity of 1,000 beds once again interpreted “China Speed”. Yesterday, Wuhan Vulcan Mountain Hospital was delivered. With a total construction area of 34,000 square meters, the Vulcan Mountain Hospital, with reference to the construction experience of Beijing Xiaotangshan Hospital during the SARS period in 2003, will officially treat patients with pneumonia infected by the new type of coronavirus from today.
Before the Vulcan Mountain Hospital, the Chinese were probably never so concerned about the construction of a hospital. Every day, tens of millions of netizens sit in front of large or small screens and volunteer to act as “cloud supervisors” to encourage and cheer the builders.

Every second counts! This is a tug of war with time.
On January 24, the New Year’s Eve, hundreds of excavators arrived at the site and began to level the ground.
On the first day of the new year, Vulcan Mountain Hospital officially started construction; On the third day, the first batch of box-type container board houses were hoisted and constructed; On the fifth day, more than 300 box-type board houses were installed, and the mechanical and electrical pipeline operations began simultaneously.
On January 30, the sixth day of the new year, the laying of HDPE membrane was fully completed, and the equipment of the sewage treatment room was hoisted simultaneously.
On February 1, the eighth day of the new year, the installation of medical supporting equipment was fully launched. On February 2, the 9th day of the New Year, the Vulcan Mountain Hospital project was delivered.
During the peak period, more than 4,000 builders fought together, and large-scale machinery and equipment were constructed continuously for 24 hours, which once again demonstrated China’s speed and power.

According to reports, the hospital has two inpatient buildings with a “fishbone” layout of the wards on both sides of the hospital. It can be walked to any ward from the aisle. The air in the ward is fresh and clean, and the exhaust gas will not enter the atmosphere until it is disinfected.
In order to achieve green environmental protection and prevent air and water pollution, the hospital laid a 50,000 square meter HDPE anti-seepage membrane. This is a highly crystalline thermoplastic resin that is impermeable to sewage and waste, which is equivalent to putting a protective layer on hospital plots. In addition, the hospital’s sewage treatment is fully closed, and the third-level liquid chlorine is directly sent to the municipal pipe network through a special pump pipe, which can ensure that a drop of sewage does not seep into the ground and flow into the lake.

The Chinese speed has also shocked the world, and netizens around the world expressed their feelings: